Vin Diesel posts Riddick concept art, confirms an R-rating

Vin Diesel had always imagined a trilogy for his character Riddick and had a lot of grand ideas in between PITCH BLACK and THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. But then CHRONICLES opened. And sucked. And his plans for a trilogy were dashed. But a funny thing happened in the years since. The FAST/FURIOUS franchise has been a major hit for Universal and they're inclined to give Mr. Diesel another shot at his pet project. So while he preps FAST SIX (or whatever they're calling it), he's in development on RIDDICK, the final part of the trilogy.

Diesel took to his Facebook page, which has a gazillion followers or something, this weekend to talk about the film and update the fans. The actor posted this concept art because, "we all know how much [he enjoys] concept art and storyboards"... (Of course we knew that!)

So far we know that Riddick will have blood, black paint or Hershey's syrup splashed across his face (I can only hope this is a big scene where Riddick tears into a banana split). Diesel went on to say that they'll be filming in Canada (likely Vancouver, where CHRONICLES was shot) and added this note in closing: "I am grateful to have Universal in such support of this complex character's journey... not many studios would back an R rating. Very cool."

There was a lot of speculation that Universal would want a PG-13 for this film but an R-rating may mean they're looking to get closer to the lo-fi feel of PITCH BLACK than the overblown epic of CHRONICES.

Source: Facebook



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