Vin Diesel reveals pre-production art for The Last Witch Hunter

Do you remember hearing about THE LAST WITCH HUNTER? Vin Diesel was said to be interested in the project back in September of 2012, however we haven't heard anything about the film since. Usually when that much time passes it would mean the film is dead, but apparently it's still in the works. Yesterday Vin Diesel posted a new picture on his Facebook page featuring some concept art for THE LAST WITCH HUNTER. If you zoom in on the top right corner of the picture you'll see the logo for the film. Diesel also posted this note along with the image below: "I will fill you all in later… but this meeting went well."

Take a look:

THE LAST WITCH HUNTER will focus on Vin Diesel's character, who "is one of the last in a long tradition of witch hunters. When a group of witches and warlocks join forces to suddenly and forcefully expand their numbers, however, it’s up to this guy to stop them before their population gets out of control." The movie still hasn't received a green light, but if Diesel's meeting went well, that could change very soon.

If THE LAST WITCH HUNTER does go into production, Breck Eisner (THE CRAZIES, SAHARA) will be directing from a script by Cory Goodman (PRIEST). The film sounds quite a bit like last year's HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS, which was very cheesy, but also very fun. THE LAST WITCH HUNTER will probably be at least a little darker, and if Vin Diesel wants to hack up some witches, I'll have no problem joining him if this film does get made.



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