Vin Diesel would like Ang Lee to direct the movie version of Kojak

Vin Diesel is a refreshingly open movie star. The guy has taken to social media to share all sorts of information and first looks at recent chapters in the FAST AND FURIOUS series as well as RIDDICK. He even let us know he met with Marvel and hinted at big things to come. So, it should come as no wonder that he has turned into a pretty reputable source about his own films. Still, the following could just be wishful thinking rather than an actual hint. But, here's hoping this one has some truth.

A recent post on Diesel's Facebook page answers a fan question about future projects from the action star. Here's what the man had to say.

Now, this is a very vague post so it is entirely possible that Diesel was listing a dream project as well as a dream collaborator, but it is odd for him to drop the names in such a way. Granted, this is not a lot to go on, but keep an open mind.

Vin Diesel has worked with a lot of directors but not many at the level of Ang Lee. With the exception of Steven Spielberg and Sidney Lumet, Diesel has worked primarily with newer filmmakers. Ang Lee has not made a film based on an existing series or character since HULK so it may seem odd for him to consider coming back for a movie like KOJAK which will be a straight action/thriller. I wouldn't say rule it out completely, but it would be surprising if this panned out.

Ang Lee is currently developing a 3D boxing movie while Vin Diesel is filming FAST AND FURIOUS 7 and possibly providing motion capture and voice for Groot in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

Source: Facebook



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