Vince Vaughn to cowboy up in Randall Wallace's Gunslingers

Does anyone remember when Vince Vaughn starred in movies where he didn't have the same snarky, smart-ass delivery that he has employed since OLD SCHOOL? Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of his style but I also have seen him play other types as well. From THE CELL, CLAY PIGEONS, DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE, and even PSYCHO, Vaughn has shown he can play some darker roles as well.

Here's to hoping Randall Wallace's GUNSLINGERS is that project. Vaughn's Wild West Picture Show Productions and New Regency have purchased Wallace's pitch for GUNSLINGERS which is vaguely described as an action adventure set in modern day Los Angeles, where heroic and iconic characters from the past collide with contemporary urban reality. It’s a movie that explores what real heroism is in a fun and unexpected way.

That could mean this is a NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM style family adventure or possibly something a little grittier. I am hoping for the latter. Randall Wallace is not known for comedy films, having written and/or directed BRAVEHEART, THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK, PEARL HARBOR, WE WERE SOLDIERS, and SECRETARIAT.

For now, Vaughn is attached to star as well as produce.

Extra Tidbit: Technically, you could say Vince has been using the same technique since SWINGERS, but not quite to the same intensity he does today.
Source: Deadline



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