Vince Vaughn to do some fighting for Brawl in Cell Block 99

vince vaughn, true detective, brawl in cell block 99

Vince Vaughn is staying on the serious path for now. Following his turn on TRUE DETECTIVE, Vaughn is remaining clear of comedy as he has signed on to star in BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 for director S. Craig Zahler (BONE TOMAHAWK).

In Zahler's latest project, Vaughn would play a down-on-his-luck boxer. His marriage is in shambles. He's lost his job. He's pretty much at the end of his rope, and so he takes a job working as a drug courier. However, when things go awry and he finds himself in prison, he's forced to commit acts of violence that turn the cell block into a madhouse - hence the brawling in the title. 

Zahler's BONE TOMAHAWK really caught people by surprise and put the writer-director on the map. Therefore, anyone who dug that film should be on the lookout for what he has up his sleeve next, in the hopes that he is a director worth taking notice of every time out and not just a one-hit wonder, so to speak. Vaughn did good work on TRUE DETECTIVE, shedding his typical smart-ass-ness, so this could be a good marriage that could turn out something really cool.




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