Viral video for Independence Day Resurgence goes over the new technology

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The characters in INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE always knew the aliens were coming back, but for quite some time, audiences never thought they'd see a sequel to the 20 year-old blockbuster. Nowadays we're seeing the return of several classic franchises and that includes Roland Emmerich's most popular disaster flick. The gang's all here, save for the Fresh Prince, and if you're wondering how alien technology has been implemented since the aliens' first visit, check out the following viral video!

Unlike JURASSIC WORLD or THE FORCE AWAKENS, there's really no great expectation for INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE to deliver. The original was just a fun, popcorn flick and that's all people want for the sequel. This, in my opinion, puts RESURGENCE in a very good position to deliver! Emmerich knows popcorn and while you may have a different favorite of his over the years, I think we can all agree he's on to something with RESURGENCE!

INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE hits theaters on June 24, 2016.

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