Voltron movie lives

In the great toy movie land-grab of the late 2000’s, almost all properties have been snatched up at this point. WME has Hasbro, CAA just got Mattel and now UTA has picked up the rights to VOLTRON, and is going to develop a feature film to try and compete with the robot-boxing success of TRANSFORMERS.

“The agency hopes Voltron's widespread brand recognition and elaborate mythology, which have served properties like "Transformers" well but doesn't necessarily exist with other board games and toy properties in development, will appeal to audiences and executives.

The pitch is expected to include the idea that, unlike other toy brands, Voltron -- in which five robot lions piloted by humans become a giant warrior -- allows for human-centric stories.”

Yeah, human-centric stories, because I know my ability to relate to giant robotic lion pilots will really give this film the emotional boost it needs over TRANSFORMERS.

Whatever, make a VOLTRON movie, see if I care. I knew it was happening eventually, as everything that mildly amused me as a child is turning into a $200M feature film. Though if there’s one kids action show I think I actually want to see re-invented for the modern day, it’s POWER RANGERS. And now that I said that, some agency is scrambling trying to pick up that property.

Extra Tidbit: In my POWER RANGERS movie there are FIVE Rangers. None of this Green Ranger/White Ranger/Gold Ranger shit.
Source: THR



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