Wade Wilson and Ricky Baker unite in new pic from Deadpool 2

Okay, before we begin, if you haven't seen Taika Waitit's brilliant HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE then this story probably won't mean much to you. If you have, then you'll know how cool this is (also, if you haven't, seriously, go watch it). Julian Dennison, the young actor that played the infamous Ricky Baker in HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE has made his way into Fox's Marvel universe with Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) in DEADPOOL 2 and I just can't think of a better match-up. Reynolds shared the below image of the two on Instagram, welcoming Dennison to the 4th-wall-breaking world.

I mean, this is just fun as hell casting. Dennison showed great skill with his dry humor in WILDERPEOPLE and his Ricky Baker was just an all around engaging, quirky and heartfelt character, so tossing him into a DEADPOOL movie just feels right. If he were actually playing Ricky Baker that would be even better, but we'll see who he actually turns out to be. Any guesses?

DEADPOOL 2 is currently filming and slated for release on June 1st, 2018.

Source: Instagram



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