Wai directs Green

Eva Green Unfortunately fated current Bond girl Eva Green and contemplative enigmatic director Wong Kar Wai will be teaming for a series of commercials that hope to seduce you into spending an obscene amount of money, all in the span of thirty seconds. Green, it seems, is the new face of "Midnight Poison" by Christian Dior and Dior, having easy access to truckloads of cash, decided to throw an absolutely vulgar amount Kar Wai's way so he could elevate their product's commercial advertisement beyond crass grabs at consumer dollars but rather make them artistic deconstructions of the psychology of fragrance and its effect in a post 9/11 world. The commercials are expected to run in 2027, just around the time when Kar Wai will be putting the finishing touches on the last one. Unless he gets sidetracked by a feature project, in which case it's better to just say we'll see them "at some point".

Extra Tidbit: Green auditioned for the role of Tessa Quayle in THE CONSTANT GARDENER but lost out to Rachel Weisz.
Source: MI6



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