Walker's Bone Deep

Two actors in need of a career rennaissance are Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen. Once considered to be two of young Hollywood's hottest properties, both have seen a significant decline in relevance and work. Once the king of the galaxy as young Vader, Christensen has been relegated to the role of that guy who's banging Rachel Bilson, while Walker is running scared back to the fast and furious glory days. Fittingly, the two have decided to join forces in an attempt to regain their places among the matinee idol elite.

BONE DEEP, a crime thriller directed by John Luessenhop, will revolve around a group of criminals who find their $20 million plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective, to be played by Matt Dillon. Walker will play the leader of the bank robbers while Christensen will play a rookie detective. Unfortunately this thing sounds like just another mediocre popcorn flick that will pass in and out of theatres unnoticed, a-la JUMPER. On the bright side, the film also co-stars two of urban music's brightest young stars in Chris Brown and T.I. as well as my favorite of all time, Stringer Bell! (Idris Elba, for you non Wire-heads).
Extra Tidbit: Hayden and Paul both starred in films with Jessica Alba. When will it be my turn?
Source: ComingSoon



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