Wall-E trailer!

RATATOUILLE hits theaters later this month and you know what that means - the trailer for the new Pixar movie will be attached. That, and the short film, is part of what makes seeing a Pixar movie so much fun. The movie coming out of Pixar next summer is WALL-E, the story of a little robot assigned to clean up all the trash on a futuristic Earth. But he falls in love and begins to question his destiny and challenge the role he was given. Sadly, you don't get much of that in this teaser, which starts with a Pixar history intro (you're great, we know that - move on) that segues into what amounts to maybe 30-seconds of footage. We only hint at the storyline at the very, very end and I won't give away the whole thing here, but there's a lot of emotion in that little robot. I watched this with my kids (Happy Father's Day!) to see their reaction and they were a bit confused but tickled by the title voiceover at the end. Click on the pic below to check it out for yourself.

Extra Tidbit: Fred Willard will appear in WALL-E making it the first time there will be live-action in a Pixar film.
Source: Apple.com



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