Wanna go peek at the set of Super 8? We can tell you how!

Disclaimer: I don't condone or suggest crashing a movie set. At best you'll get a stern talking to and at worst you can get yourself arrested for trespassing. But there are times when a movie is filming in public where, if you're lucky, you can get a peek at what's going on. Such would be the case with JJ Abrams' SUPER 8.

While they'd like to keep things as secret as possible, we're learning a few more details about when, where and how SUPER 8 will be filming. Production is set to begin this September in Weirton, West Virginia, which is located in the northern panhandle section of the state actually just a few files from both Pennsylvania and Ohio. One of the features of Weirton? A fairly long stretch of railroad, which should do the sequences we saw in the trailer justice.

But if you show up in Weirton this September looking for SUPER 8 signs, you're going to be up shit creek (and no, that's not a local landmark). You're gonna wanna look or ask for a production called "Darlings" or "Wickham," two fake titles the production is currently working under. But filming is reported to be taking place on Weirton's Main Street as local businesses and residents in that area have received letters updating them on the shoot.

If you're a local resident, you might even be able to be in the film. They're looking for soldiers and EMT workers (for when things get ugly) as well as students and local townfolk to fill out the background. Right now all they're telling the locals is that the film follows a town that comes together after a train crash. And if you do make it to set and see anything cool, make sure to e-mail your buddies at JoBlo.com

Extra Tidbit: Don't tell em JoBlo.com sent ya.
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