Wanna join the Los Pollos Hermanos team? Watch this employee training video!

Ok, well, this is fun. There's apparently a new promo for BETTER CALL SAUL that shows Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring doing a training video for Los Pollos Hermanos. Let's take a look:

As someone who has made bad life decisions at certain points in his life, I have worked at a few fast food places in my time. And this...this is actually pretty accurate. Sadly. And while the "10 week...seminar" thing was obviously exaggerated, it's not by much. I had to do one of these things in a Taco Bell store that took a combined eight hours to finish (that's not a joke). I even like how it didn't really tip its hand (the closest was the "side business" joke, but that was subtle enough I suppose).

All in all, a good-good promo (even if it brought up some bad memories...)

Anyway, season 3 of BETTER CALL SAUL will begin April 10th.

Extra Tidbit: Still haven't seen BETTER CALL SAUL, but bringing in Gus Fring makes me fear it's going to do the whole prequel thing of bringing in established characters for an "oh shit" moment, rather than fitting in organically.
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