Wanna listen to some of the rejected score from The Wolfman?

Well, THE WOLFMAN tore its way into theaters this past weekend, to what seems like generally good to mixed word-of-mouth. I really dug it... a fun monster movie that wore its old-fashioned roots on its sleeve proudly. But it wouldn't have been all old-fashioned had Universal execs gotten their way...

Paul Haslinger, once a member of electronic music group Tangerine Dream, has scored lots of video games and had work featured in stuff like MINORITY REPORT, as well as actually scoring DEATH RACE, CRANK, and SHOOT 'EM UP to just name a few. So the guy's been around, but you can tell there's a certain sound or style that he's all about... and not what THE WOLFMAN was. His score was pushed by the suits at Universal but ultimately got dropped in the final weeks leading up to the film's release.

Listen for yourself. Here's the excerpt from the rejected score:

UPDATE: Apparently, the music track we had embedded was erroneously making the rounds on the net as Paul Haslinger's, which it is in fact not. Apologies, folks.
Extra Tidbit: I might be one of, like, three people who prefers Tangerine Dream's LEGEND score to Jerry Goldsmith's. There's gotta be more of you out there!
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