Want a Dredd sequel? Then sign the petition from 2000AD!

Ah, DREDD, one of the most kick ass comic book films made to date and yet nobody saw it...until blu-ray, that is. Sales have soared for the film on video and helped to cement it as a cult classic in a very short time, leaving everyone wondering if we'll ever get to see the continued adventures of Judge Dredd (as played by Karl Urban, of course) in Mega City One. It's been a frustrating experience for fans, watching numerous sequels to numerous crappy franchises fly by, while the only film that actually deserves one sits in limbo. Enter 2000AD, the publisher of the Judge Dredd comic, who have created a nifty and simple petition that will hopefully get the wheels spinning on a sequel.

Petitions are tricky and there's no guarantee they'll work, but there's no guarantee they won't either. If nothing else, the petition can provide the studio with some numbers to crunch, which hopefully will be enough for them to get the gang back together and deliver what is absolutely the most-deserved sequel to date. When you think about all the sequels for all the franchises circulating out there, the vast majority are completely unnecessary. That's no secret. So, for once, let's do our part as fans and help get a sequel we actually want to see get made.

Sign the petition HERE!

Also, if you haven't yet seen DREDD or if you have and don't yet own it, click here to get it!

Source: 2000AD



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