Want Boondocks 2?

It sort of blew my mind when I realized that just two months after seeing the trailer, BOONDOCK SAINTS 2: ALL SAINTS DAY is actually hitting theaters this weekend after 10 years of mulling about. But by "hitting theaters" I mean 65 theaters, and unless you live NY or LA, will probably have a tough time finding it.

But never fear, there’s a grassroots campaign to get the film to your town, much like what happened with PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. You can demand it in your area here, and hopeful enough demands equals a wider release, though I don’t think there’s an explicit promise of that.

While PARANORMAL was likely going to get a wide release no matter how many people clicked a button on a website, I’m not so sure if that’s the case with BOONDOCKS 2, as yes, the movie has a rather rabid cult following, but it’s not physically possible for it to garner as much buzz as PARANORMAL did, even if it ends up being the GODFATHER of stylized shoot-em-ups.

It's possible a real mass-demand campaign might actually be of some use here, if you ever want to see BOONDOCKS on the big screen. For now, go to Eventfill to ask for it, and I’ll let you know anything else you can do to help when I heard about it.

Extra Tidbit: I've got a friend who got that Virgin Mary tattoo on his neck. Questionable.
Source: EventFill



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