Warcraft movie details

I've been a gamer since the Atari 2600 days (oh, that awful Pac-Man), but I've resisted the urge to get ensnared by the massively multiplayer online games just because I know it would become an obsession. But Blizzard's WORLD OF WARCRAFT doesn't need me anyway, since there are millions of players gleefully stomping around the realm.

Assuming they can leave Thunder Bluff for a couple of hours, WOW players should be thrilled to know a feature film based on the popular game is barreling forward like a Horde raiding party. A few details spilled out of BlizzCon 2007 this weekend from 300 producer Thomas Tull, who stated that it will be an epic war movie (opposed to a "quest" movie) set before the time of the game, setting up the world. It will also run over two hours, have a budget of at least $100 million, and should arrive in 2009 with a PG-13 rating.

The story will revolve around a "badass" new hero, although no cast or director has been attached and the project is currently in the script stages. You may now return to your sexy Blood Elf babes.

Thanks to 'Paul' for the heads up!
Extra Tidbit: Where the hell is my HALF-LIFE movie??
Source: WOW Chronicles



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