Warfare 2 guy's Frost

Although I think that UNCHARTED 2 is probably the closest I've come to feeling like I was playing a movie, the blockbuster MODERN WARFARE 2 is also an undeniably cinematic experience.

So it seems like a natural transition for Keith Arem, that game's "talent director", to slide from pushing polygons to shooting a live-action movie. (Arem was responsible for gathering and directing WARFARE 2's cast members 50 Cent, Barry Pepper, Kevin McKidd, Keith David, Billy Murray and Lance Henriksen.)

Arem will now make his feature debut on an action-thriller called FROST ROAD, which he also wrote and is simultaneously developing as a graphic novel. The story follows a "man who awakens from a car accident to discover he is one of few survivors in the aftermath of a mysterious outbreak that's struck a small coast town on the East Coast. Somehow immune to the contagion, he tries to save the remaining survivors as he struggles to prevent the deadly wave from spreading across the planet."

If MW2 is any indication, the action should be a bit sicker than, say, THE HAPPENING.

Extra Tidbit: MODERN WARFARE 2 made over half a billion dollars in its first few days of release... and the series has since reportedly generated 3 billion. Those zeroes and ones can add up royally.
Source: Variety



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