Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara says "We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV"

"What is DC and Warner Bros. going to do with Wonder Woman?" It's a big question that's been on the minds of many fans, especially with the studio possibly looking for an actress to play the character in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN with their latest casting call. Kevin Tsujihara is the CEO of Warner Bros. and recently made some interesting comments to THR about the character and the studio's plans for comic book properties.

Kevin Tsujihara starts by saying having only Batman and Superman films so far has been a "missed opportunity" for the studio, however he does state that Warner Bros. "has huge plans for a number of other DC properties on TV." The second season of Arrow starts this week, and we know there are already plans for a Flash and Gotham City PD series, but could Wonder Woman be the next DC property to get its own series? Tsujihara isn't talking, but obviously the character is important to the studio and he does says “We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”

It sounds like DC and Warner Bros. aren't sure what to do with Wonder Woman, which isn't all the surprising considering how many failed attempts there have been at bringing the character either to theaters and television. If they want their films to be as successful as Marvel and Disney's comic book movies though, I feel like they have to find a way for the character to work since she is one of DC's most well-known characters.

But would fans be cool with her starting on television before moving to film? And if so, wouldn't they have to cast the same actress for both television and film since people could be confused if there are two different actresses portraying the character? It's a big decision Warner Bros. and DC has to make, and it'll be very interesting to see where they end up with Wonder Woman.

Extra Tidbit: Here's my idea for how Wonder Woman should be used: introduce her towards the end of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, then do a limited television series (ten episodes should be enough) featuring the character. After her origin and background have been taken care of, they should do a movie version of Trinity instead of Justice League. Thoughts?
Source: THR



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