AT&T releases Justice League featurette focusing on Aquaman

I know that Aquaman used to be the butt of all the jokes about SUPERFRIENDS and, subsequently, JUSTICE LEAGUE, but I think that time may have come to an end. Because, honestly, from all the trailers from the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE film, Jason Momoa's Aquaman seems like a highlight. Brash, funny, with a clear arc of wanting to be left alone and becoming a hero. It could be a bit much (surfing a Parademon's body through a building is pretty awesome, but does push it), but right now I dig it.

The above featurette doesn't tell us too much more we don't already know, but does confirm that they're going with the half-Atlantean origin story (his first Golden Age origin was that of a regular boy raised by his father to learn his powers from studying Atlantis, and there are other origins where he is full Atlantean and simply raised by a lighthouse keeper), as well as a few shots here and there of new footage. Ultimately, it seems like Momoa had fun in the role, and that surfing the Batmobile was badass. I mean, I think I agree.

Meanwhile you can next see Momoa and Aquaman in JUSTICE LEAGUE, swimming to theaters November 17th.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else get a BRAVE AND THE BOLD vibe from this Aquaman? Because I do, and I'm liking it.
Source: YouTube



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