Warner Bros. wants another DC movie to fill 2018's slate alongside Aquaman

Warner Bros. and the DCEU are in a bit of a pickle at the moment (though they should be used to that by now). As previously reported, Matt Reeves' commitment to WAR OF THE PLANET APES has pushed the release of THE BATMAN from its initial 2018 release date, and with AQUAMAN getting pushed back to Christmas, it seems DC has no film slotted for the summer next year. They don't want AQUAMAN to be all alone, he gets so lonely in the ocean...

Anyway, Justin Kroll from Variety, has reported via Twitter about the situation:

Hmmm, because rushing development to reach deadlines has done their films massive favors (remember SUICIDE SQUAD was written in six weeks...and it shows). Now, to be fair, Kroll went on to tweet that "if scripts aren't ready to go, studio is content just shooting AQUAMAN this year till films are ready to go", but I think that's not going to happen. Expect to hear one of these being fast-tracked soon. 

So, if they were to fast-track one of those films, which one would you want to see? Honestly, I'd love to see GREEN LANTERN get another shot. I mean, GOTHAM CITY SIRENS sounds cool too, but with Ayer writing/directing, I'm a little less enthused. But we'll see.

Meanwhile, AQUAMAN will swim to theaters Christmas 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one who's really curious about the AQUAMAN movie?
Source: Twitter



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