Warner Bros. wants Brad Pitt and David O. Russell to join forces for The Mission

Care for another hostage thriller? Warner Bros. is currently trying to round-up Brad Pitt and David O. Russell for THE MISSION.

Peter Landesman would write the script about a, "methodical six-year mission planned by American and Colombian covert operatives to free 15 hostages from the Colombian jungle. The hostages included three Americans and Ingrid Betancourt, once a candidate for President of Colombia."

Deadline gave further details on the story: "The hostages were held by the Colombian guerilla group FARC from between six and 15 years. It was a nightmarish existence as the hostages were moved around the jungles, often cruelly chained to trees at night by their necks. The central focus of the film isn’t the ordeal of those hostages but rather on Operacion Jaque, a covert effort involving numerous governments, diplomats and intelligence services and a vast network of spies, military advisers and soldiers plus high-tech surveillance measures."

The studio wants to get on this one quick. Right now there's no confirmation on Pitt's involvement with this film. Right now the actor is busy with WORLD WAR Z. Russell has been trying to decide whether or not he wants to do SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. So who knows if this will come together.

Source: Deadline



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