Watch an exclusive, unsettling clip for Rupture with Noomi Rapace

Some movies look so unsettling and nightmarish that you can’t imagine sitting through it without squirming uncontrollably – which makes the movie look all the more enticing. Such is the case with the new sci-fi thriller, RUPTURE, with Noomi Rapace, Peter Stormare and Michael Chiklis. We here at JoBlo have this exclusive clip to show you just how far this movie will go, making A CLOCKWORK ORANGE look like a day at the beach filled with candy and sunshine.

Take a look!

The movie is about a woman (Rapace) who is kidnapped by members of a secret organization who then inject her with chemicals in order to “rupture” her so that she may achieve an advantaged stage of evolution. The chemicals cause her to go through some gnarly hallucinogenic experiences, hence all the spiders crawling on the face and the what have you. The clip itself is quite off-putting, and the whole movie looks that way, so this is must-see for fans of twisted, late-night fare. It loses me, though, at spiders on the face. A little too real a fear for me with that one.

RUPTURE is out April 28.

Source: JoBloAmbi Pictures



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