Watch Deadpool interrupt Stephen Colbert's monologue on The Late Show

This Friday DEADPOOL 2 will arrive in theaters and cause millions of comic book fans, teenagers hellbent on sneaking in, and the occasional wandering homeless man to flock to the theaters. It will be another smashing success for the Merc With a Mouth, and many will be wondering what he and his mouth will be doing next. Well, may I be so bold as to suggest giving him his own talk show? He has the chops for it and proved it by interrupting Stephen Colbert’s monologue on THE LATE SHOW last night. In the end, he proved he's got the people skills and comedic timing necessary to entertain people who left the TV on while going to sleep and those in hospital waiting areas.

What summoned Pool to LATE SHOW as if he was Beetlejuice was Colbert’s bit about all the superhero movies coming out this year. Pool then proceeded to mistake Jamie Foxx for Michael J. Fox, and to tell Colbert to never have actor Ryan Reynolds on the show, as he is “the poor man’s Ryan Reynolds.” Capping it off, he nailed a few jokes about Donald Trump and then mocked AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR one more time by turning into ash.  Is this how late night hosts get canned now? At the snap of Thanos' fingers? Very efficient. 

DEADPOOL 2 arrives this Friday!

Source: The Late Show



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