Watch Kong bash some creatures to sick beats in final Skull Island trailer

We don't normally get full theatrical trailers for films so close to their release. By a certain point we’ve seen not only a ton of trailers, but TV spots, posters, interviews, premiere pics, t-shirts and character-themed Easy-Bake Ovens. But in the last week leading up to the release of KONG: SKULL ISLAND we’ve gotten two brand new trailers for the movie, released in an effort to kick anticipation for the movie into hyper drive – a boost it’ll need if it wants to take audiences away from LOGAN and GET OUT. The most recent trailer just dropped, and it goes to prove that Kong is a pretty hip ape who kicks some ass to Kanye-style beats.

Check it out below!

Not a ton of new footage sans a few snippets, particularly of a few side characters and getting a better sense of the recreation of the Adam Goldberg knife scene in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, all before Kong shows up an ruins it. Like many of you I’ve already decided whether or not I’m gonna see this movie (yes, yes and definitely yes), but still, I’m never one to turn down a funky trailer.

Venture to KONG: SKULL ISLAND this weekend with Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson and more.



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