Watch Lindsay Lohan and James Deen square off in this first clip from Paul Shrader's The Canyons

Last week an expose on the making of Paul Shrader's THE CANYONS was featured in the New York Times and presented a compelling look into the production of the film, from Lindsay Lohan's firing and rehiring, breakdowns, nude scenes, location issues, and general craziness that transpired during the three-week shoot.  In many ways, the piece has generated more curiosity about the Bret Easton Ellis-scripted film, much like the scene of an accident.  Everyone slows down to get a look.

After being rejected by Sundance and inundating us with a hodgepodge of teaser trailers that gave no real sense of the film, we now have our first look at a clip from the film, featuring Lohan and co-star James Deen.  It's much longer than it should be, especially for someone just looking for a ringing phone.  The intensity of the scene is there, but it feels like a rehearsal rather than a best take. 

Have you seen my phone?:

This film seems destined to be exactly what everyone has pegged it as from the get go.  I don't foresee THE CANYONS charging out of the gate and taking everyone by surprise as a masterful work of art.  I think Shrader would be better off capitalizing on that, rather than trying to convince us this is something on the level of TAXI DRIVER or Ellis' AMERICAN PSYCHO.  In this case, I think it would be best to own the mess and market it as such. 

THE CANYONS will be released in some form or another sometime this year.  Not in IMAX, I assure you.

Extra Tidbit: How much of a guarantee is it that you'll eventually watch this? I'm at a 100 percent, even if I turn it off after five minutes.
Source: The Film Stage



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