Watch Nicolas Cage dissect his past roles in Face/Off, Moonstruck & more

Nicolas Cage has been consistently acting in movies for over 30 years, and what a legacy of sensitive, funny and absolutely insane performances he’s given us. If you were ever curious about what he thinks about past performances or were wondering what was going on inside his head at the time, then today is your lucky day, because Cage is here to fill you in. The Oscar-winning actor sat down with GQ to look back on his career and talk about pivotal roles in his life, and thus the mind of Cage is now open to the world.

The video starts with the movie MOONSTRUCK starring Cage and Cher, where he talks about how he got the role after the actress saw him in PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED. He recalls that he landed the gig after she spoke with him and said his work in that movie was like watching a “two-hour car wreck.” He then talks about working with the Coen Brothers on RAISING ARIZONA, having a drunk poet around on the set of LEAVING LAS VEGAS, delving into the mind of a madman on FACE/OFF and not thinking NATIONAL TREASURE would ever be a hit. Nicolas Cage hunting for treasure in America? How could it not be a hit?

Very few actors have the kind of resume Cage does, and it's fascinating to watch him recall the mindset he was in for each one, which proves just how versatile he is. The man draws from so many different, sometimes crazy, places for any role, even if it’s an action movie like FACE/OFF or a drama like BAD LIEUTENANT. This is a great watch for anyone who's a fan of Cage or even just the process of acting. No one quite explains things like Cage, nor do they wear rings as he does. Seriously, where did he get those?

MANDY is in theaters now. 

Source: GQ



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