Watch The Amazing Spider-man evade police in this new clip

As much as the first two Sam Raimi SPIDER-MAN films rocked, they never felt as if they existed in the same universe as any of the other Marvel movies. Granted, Spider-man is the highest profile non-Disney/Marvel owned superhero, but the movies felt more like comic books come to life rather than movies based on a comic. I am by no means complaining, that style gave the SPIDER-MAN trilogy it's tone.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is often compared to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy in terms of being darker and more "realistic." My take has always been that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN wants to feel as if it takes place in a real New York, not a comic book version of the Big Apple.

This new clip features Spider-man trying to get away from the police and using his new superpowers to aid that getaway. This brief clip shows the clumsiness of Peter Parker as he learns to control his new skills as well as how director Marc Webb will have him interact with the city.

This works for me. Watching it, the CGI is not blatant as it appeared in the Raimi trilogy, but technological advancements may have a part to play in that. But you get the feeling that this could actually be happening in a real city. The closest I can equate it to is how Alfonso Cuaron took the Harry Potter universe and brought a realness to it when he directed PRISONER OF AZKABAN.

Either way, the more footage I see, the more and more THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN looks like a winner. Count me in when it hits the big screen on July 3rd.

Source: Yahoo Movies



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