Watch the first gripping trailer for Paul Greengrass' 22 July

After directing Tom Hanks in one of his best roles in 2013’s CAPTAIN PHILLIPS and resurrecting Jason Bourne in 2016, Paul Greengrass is back this year with another stirring thriller in 22 JULY. Starring an all Norwegian cast and crew, the movie retells the jarring story of a terrorist attack in Oslo that left 77 dead, with the perpetrator attacking a camp for teens shortly after. The first trailer is here and you can watch it now and start to feel your palms sweat. 

The movie was screened at the Venice Film Festival last week and was met with good reception, with people praising Greengrass’ return to docu-drama-thrillers like UNITED 93 and PHILLIPS. Netflix will distribute the movie on October 19, and you can read the full synopsis below:

In 22 July, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips, United 93) tells the true story of the aftermath of Norway's deadliest terrorist attack. On 22 July 2011, 77 people were killed when a far-right extremist detonated a car bomb in Oslo before carrying out a mass shooting at a leadership camp for teens. 22 July uses the lens of one survivor's physical and emotional journey to portray the country's path to healing and reconciliation.

22 JULY arrives on Netflix October 19.

Source: Netflix



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