Watch the full Casting the Batman featurette which showcases Cillian Murphy's Dark Knight audition

Christian Bale's audition for the role of the Dark Knight in Christopher Nolan's BATMAN BEGINS has been making it's way around the internet. The footage comes from a featurette on THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY box set and now the full featurette has appeared online. Titled "Casting The Batman", it goes into great detail as to what Christopher Nolan was looking for out of the lead actor in his film.

The six minute video opens with the audition from Bale but at the two minute mark has actor Eion Bailey trying out in the same Val Kilmer batsuit. Bailey is best known for roles in BAND OF BROTHERS, FIGHT CLUB, and the series ONCE UPON A TIME. He doesn't feel quite intense enough for the role, but does a decent job. What surprised me was Cillian Murphy's audition which shows up around the 6:30 mark in the video. I knew Murphy auditioned and impressed Nolan enough that the director lobbied for him to get the Scarecrow role in BATMAN BEGINS. What I didn't expect was his take on the Batman character.

While Murphy is a little too slight, in my opinion, to play a convincing Bruce Wayne, he certainly has the acting talent to sell that he is a damaged soul who would take the superhero persona and run with it. While he is a better suited actor as Scarecrow, I could easily have seen him play The Riddler or even The Joker. Maybe he will get the chance to again someday.

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