Watch the short film inspired by Ron Howard's Project Imagin8tion

Ron Howard and Canon's Project Imagin8tion campaign to have users submit their own photographs to inspire a movie has resulted in a beautiful short film direct by Bryce Dallas Howard. The film, entitled WHEN YOU FIND ME, is an ethereal and haunting thirty minute movie that goes to show that the directing talent in the Howard family may not be restricted to just Ron.

But, this was only the first part of Project Imagin8tion. Canon first asked for 8 photographs to inspire the screenplay for the film. Now, the project continues. Now, 8 excerpts from the script have been posted on the Project Imagin8tion official website. Visitors are being asked to submit original photos inspired by these snippets of dialogue and narrative. Canon and Ron Howard want to see what you can envision for the next phase of the project.

Here is the synopsis for WHEN YOU FIND ME: As part of Canon’s “Project Imagin8ion” campaign, two-time Academy Award winner Ron Howard and daughter Bryce Dallas Howard made a film inspired by eight user-generated photos, called when you find me, that recently screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Alternating between the past and present, the short is an emotional fable of two people coping with loss in very different ways, and what it takes to find peace within yourself and reconciliation with the ones you love.

All aspiring filmmakers out there should take note of this amazing opportunity. You inspired a Ron Howard production with your photographs. What will you imagine next with the EOS Rebel T3i and EF lenses? Learn more about Project Imagin8ion at YouTube.com/Imagination



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