Watch the trailer for Louis C.K.'s new film I Love You, Daddy

Even though the last season of LOUIE aired two years ago, Louis C.K. has been a very busy man doing standup, making a web series (HORUS AND PETE with Steve Buscemi) and producing new shows (Zach Galifianakis' BASKETS, and Pamela Adlon’s BETTER THINGS). His most surprising and adventurous venture, though, involved making a 35 mm, black and white movie in complete secrecy in New York City. This seems near impossible and probably violated some laws of physics, but he did it, and with a great cast including Chloe Moretz, John Malkovich, Charlie Day, Adlon, Rose Byrne, Helen Hunt, Edie Falco and himself. The movie was made as a sort of homage to Woody Allen films, most notably MANHATTAN, and it follows C.K. as a successful TV producer who panics when his daughter (Moretz) has been swooned by a much older director (Malkovich). Watch the trailer above, and remember that no matter how successful you become, life is still probably going to be pretty shitty.

The movie came out with a bang at the Toronto International Film Festival and was met with mixed reception. People either loved it, likening C.K. to a modern Allen, or they hated it, saying it was a derivative mess. But I’m a huge fan of C.K.’s work, and I will for sure be checking this out. The man seems to always be exploring new ways of creating movies or shows and to make a movie like this while having no one notice is incredibly impressive on its own. If word out of TIFF is correct the movie itself is pretty ballsy, and if you're a fan of C.K., then you really have no reason not to watch it. 

I LOVE YOU, DADDY hits limited theaters November 17.

Source: The Orchard



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