Watch Vince Gilligan unpack the Breaking Bad complete series blu-ray barrel!

With the holiday season just around the corner the mad rush for sweet gifts is starting to get underway and what better gift to get a loved one than a complete blu-ray series about a meth dealer? Now, that's holiday spirit!

Sony Pictures has released a really cool video to coincide with the release of BREAKING BAD: The Complete Series boxed (barreled?) set, which has show creator Vince Gilligan unpacking the contents and revealing them one by one. There's something oddly engrossing about watching someone unpack and reveal the contents of an item like this, as I've found myself ensnared in such videos in the past, but having Gilligan do the honors for his own show is a nice touch.

Gilligan reveals the various Easter Eggs and cool extras that make up the set, which include some clever touches from the barrel itself to a Los Pollos Hermanos apron to a challenge coin and more. I won't dive into every last details, as Gilligan handles that himself, but if you need more convincing to pick up this sweet little number, then perhaps this video will do the trick.

BREAKING BAD: The Complete Series hits shelves on November 26, 2013. Preorder it here!

Extra Tidbit: I'm on the fence with this since the majority of the show is on Netflix. What do you think constitutes purchasing a full TV series, especially when it's available on streaming services?
Source: Sony Pictures



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