Watch what happens in the second trailer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Don Jon

In the second trailer for DON JON, the main character played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants us to watch what happens but it's nothing that we haven't already seen.

I'm still getting good vibrations regardless.

The set up is that of what we are used to expecting from a romantic comedy then Don Jon's love for pornography and realistic view of how love really works puts a strain on several of his relationships. Maybe he isn't perfect then again who is? Two perfect people don't find each other, have a perfect relationship, and have a perfect end. As we all know, that's not what happens unless you live in a Disney flick.

As I said, it basically a rehash of what you already know about the flick. However, his friend gasps during their conversation, I don't think telling someone you were caught looking at porn gets that sort of reaction. There's more to that but what is it?

Enjoy more Marky Mark below.

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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