Watchmen Blu-ray!

I recently had the chance to visit Warner Brothers to talk with Zack Snyder about the upcoming Blu-ray release of WATCHMEN and a special “Complete” edition of 300. Among other things, he talked a little about his plans for Comic-Con, where there will be something special for fans of WATCHMEN. This coming July 25th there will be a “Live Community Screening” of the film at the Con, where the BD Live community can watch the film along with Zack and talk about the film.

But if you want to see Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach on the big screen one more time, you’re in luck. The weekend before Comic Con, folks will have a chance to see the Director’s Cut of WATCHMEN in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Minneapolis. While it is an extremely limited opportunity, as it will be shown only in select cities for one weekend, it will most certainly be a terrific way for fans of the film to see Snyder’s original vision. One of the added scenes includes the death of Hollis Mason which will give fans a little homage to the great Scorsese flick, RAGING BULL.

The Blu-ray features tons of good stuff including three hours of extras which will be available to watch Picture in Picture. Something new this particular disc offers in a “Director Walk-On” where he stands before the monitor talking about his favorite moments from the film. I personally dug this feature as it feels like Mr. Snyder is right there in your living room. I’d like to see this kind of thing more often as it personalizes the entire movie watching experience. Although this wouldn’t work too well for some directors I suspect.

More goodies include an interesting “Time Line” where we get to compare the alternate history of the Watchmen as opposed to the real world. You’ll also find Storyboard comparisons, Focus Points on a variety of topics and Photo Galleries. You’ll be hearing more about this and also the 300: The Complete Experience Blu-ray release soon.

Extra Tidbit: Warner Brothers also advised before the conference started that we can be expecting an announcement for the Blu-ray release of LORD OF THE RINGS, both the Extended Versions and the Theatrical Version.
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