Watchmen DVD deets

If you skipped or missed WATCHMEN in theaters for some reason, you'll actually be getting a bonus when you catch it on DVD when it arrives on July 21 (conveniently, the week of Comic Con).

The studio was obviously giving much early thought to the Blu-Ray release of Zack Snyder's grand superhero murder mystery, and it'll come with more than enough to justify a purchase:

-Director's Cut (additional 25 min.) -- Newly included footage contains more Rorschach and a scene of Hollis Mason's death.

-Warner Bros. Maximum Movie Mode [With Watchmen Director Zack Snyder as our host, we'll dive deep into the intricacies of the Watchmen.]

-Director walk-ons with scene analysis

-Picture-in-picture video from the cast and crew

-Side-by-side comparisons of the graphic novel and the film

-Timeline comparisons of our world events to those from Watchmen

-Photo galleries of production stills and storyboards

-The Phenomenon: The Comic That Changed Comics [Learn how the
subversive, thematically complex, award winning comic that changed
literature, inspired analytical debate, and won countless fans, was created]

-Real Superheroes, Real Vigilantes [Explores the fascination and psychology behind real-world vigilantes and where that behavior crosses over into actually donning the hood and behaving as superheroes.]

-Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World [The creators of
Watchmen had a great understanding of engineering and science, allowing for plausible mechanics in their characters tools and the world itself. This featurette will guide the viewer through the filmmakers process of turning these technologies into cinematic reality]

-My Chemical Romance Desolation Row Music Video

-BD-Live with even more content

-Digital Copy

Extra Tidbit: Still gotta pick up TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER separately...
Source: Warner Bros.



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