Watchmen will be dark

An interesting article over at RopesOfSilicon looks at just how dark the WATCHMEN movie will be. Jeffrey Dean Morgan had the following to say:

"Getting into the heads of these characters was kind of an ordeal. The actions of The Comedian are brutal sometimes... This is stuff that's a little different than anything I have ever done, and it was stuff that I had a hard time with. There are a couple of things The Comedian does, and I never ever in a million years thought there was something I would have to think twice about, as an actor, but I could make no excuses for it. There were a couple of rough days of filming where I was just like, 'This is tough.'"

Check the article out HERE. There's an enormous SPOILER in it, but if you're a fan of the graphic novel, then it's an interesting read. Otherwise I'd recommend you steer clear and check out something more light-hearted, like THIS for example. Or you could just go watch the trailer again. A sweet game to play with your buddies would be who can watch it without soiling themselves. I've played it a couple of times and I have yet to master it. Damn you, shot of Rorschach in the rain with his masking blotting!
Extra Tidbit: Watchmen in the only graphic novel to win the Hugo Award.
Source: RopesOfSilicon



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