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LADDER 49 and TUCK EVERLASTING director Jay Russell is currently working on a children's fantasy film titled THE WATERHORSE. The film is based on the Dick King-Smith novel of the same name and tells the story of two Scottish siblings who discover a mysterious egg that hatches into a lovable sea creature named Crusoe. When the creature becomes too big for them to handle, they decide to find a permanent home for it in nearby Loch Ness. And thus an urban legend is born (at least in fiction). Russell recently placed some storyboards for the film on his MySpace Page but you'll have to login to view them as he's put them in his "pics" area. They're also scrolling in the flash-animated "About Me" section of the front page but if you want to take a good look at them, you'll have to login. If anyone with a MySpace account would be kind enough to send us maybe one that we can post here as a preview, that'd be mighty swell of ya. If not, no sweat. The film opens September 28th. Thanks to Xoanon from over at TheOneRing.net for the heads up.

The Waterhorse

Extra Tidbit: In the novel, the story is also told from the point-of-view of the titular sea creature.
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