Watts is for the Birds

A couple of rumors have been flapping around for a while: that a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's avian terror tale THE BIRDS was being hatched, and that lovely Aussie Naomi Watts might be dealing with the proposed feathery fear.

It turns out both are true. An update of Hitchcock's classic 1963 thriller (or as it's being called, a "reimagining of Daphne Du Maurier's short story" that inspired the movie), with Watts fleeing the fluttering flock of crazed birds. The movie will come from Universal, and CASINO ROYALE director Martin Campbell will feed the pigeons for the new frights.

The remake is being produced by Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes company, which is strangely appropriate -- Watts' last remake, KING KONG, was essentially Peter Jackson's version of a Bay movie (noisy, lengthy and self-indulgent). Watts will next appear in the thriller FUNNY GAMES.
Extra Tidbit: Platinum Dunes once planned a modern take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I guess the BBC beat them to it.
Source: Variety



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