Wayans to play Pryor?

Comedy legend Richard Pryor may be played by no other than one of the WHITE CHICKS himself, Marlon Wayans.

Originally Eddie Murphy was tapped to star as Pryor in the biopic but has dropped out due to conflicts with Paramount. Wayans apparently fought for the role, and wowed the producers in a 13 minute screen test where he "transformed into Pryor". The deal is in advanced discussion and they are still trying to work out the terms as well as other major aspects of the project. Also set to produce on the film are Chris Rock, Pryor's widow Jennifer Lee Pryor, and Mark Gordon (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, THE PATRIOT).

Honestly, it's a little disappointing that Murphy will not be playing Pryor. He does the best impressions of the late comedian that I have seen. Plus, it would have been a high point to add to his career, since it hasn't really been the best as of late. The Wayans choice throws me for a loop. It's not that he doesn't have dramatic chops, the guy did well in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. I think it's really just looking back to all the rest of the films he's been in LITTLE MAN, 2 SCARY MOVIES (so far), THE LADYKILLERS, etc. I suppose that you cannot hold those films against him and that if he did blow the producers away then maybe there's some hope.

The movie's plot will delve into Pryor's controversial comedic style and will also go into his battle with drugs. I have a feeling you guys are going to have a field day with this choice. So what do you think? Is Wayans terrible or can he pull it off? Any better suggestions?

Extra Tidbit: When Richard Pryor talks about Jim Brown, it literally sends me into laughter tears.
Source: EW



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