WB announces Green Lantern and Horrible Bosses as first titles for digital locker service

Around this time last year, we told you about Ultraviolet, a new subscription-based cloud service that the six major studios were backing that would allow movie fans to purchase movies and store them in a digital locker. Yesterday, Warner Bros. announced the launch of Ultraviolet this fall with the news that GREEN LANTERN and HORRIBLE BOSSES would be the first films offered up in the new service.

None of the other studios announced titles yet (and were reportedly surprised that WB went public so soon) but most of the major 4th quarter releases are expected to become available.

Ultraviolet will allow customers to buy a digital copy of a film and then access it from any device that has updateable software. So, for example, you can start watching GREEN LANTERN on your TV, watch the rest on your iPad and then watch the rest on your laptop before realizing the movie is crap and you're probably never going to finish watching it.

Source: Variety



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