We interview Dane DeHaan, Gore Verbinski & more for A Cure For Wellness!

A CURE FOR WELLNESS is the kind of movie you find out one of your friends has never seen and immediately sit them down to watch it, just to see them experience the cringe-worthy sequences, the visual masterwork on display, and the ominous mystery that surrounds it. Directed by Gore Verbinski (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN trilogy, LONE RANGER, THE RING) and starring Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth, and Jason Isaacs, the film is part commentary on the human condition and part old-school monster movie (at least, that's what I got walking out of it). You can read our review from Chris Bumbray HERE for his take. I had the opportunity to sit down with the key players of the film and talk about the style, characters, eerie scenes, and downright torture that went into making the film.

First up is the film's star, Dane DeHaan, who talks about his initial reaction to the script, the "torture" scenes, whether or not it's shifted his feelings on going to a spa, working with Verbinski, and more!

Next, I spoke to the director, Gore Verbinski, who gave some insight into the themes of the film, as well as his purposeful style in making the film, as well as what convinced him that DeHaan was the right guy to star in the film.

Jason Isaacs has been kicking around for a while (and I had to address him as Lucious Malfoy at least once) and he discussed his role as the lead doctor in the film, what makes Verbinski different from all the other filmmakers he's worked with, and how he handled some of the more racier scenes in the film.

Finally, I talked to Mia Goth, who plays the mysterious Hannah, who talked about working with eels in a bathtub, how DeHaan helps her in her performance, and what it was like working with Gore on set.

Oh, and here's a cool little extra. There were some other "co-stars" at the junket; some lovely eels swimming around the drinking tank. Now that's some clever marketing, eh?

A CURE FOR WELLNESS is in theaters NOW!

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