We interview Ice Cube, Charlie Day and more for Fist Fight!

When I first walked into FIST FIGHT, I wasn't expecting to really have nearly as much fun as I did. I figured there'd be a laugh or two, but not much more than that. Thankfully, there are a whole lot more than a couple of laughs. Ice Cube and Charlie Day are absolutely terrific together, and the rest of the cast is pretty fantastic as well. Nearly every actor involved  gives the audience something to laugh at. This high school comedy with a twist keeps the humor coming for near the entire run. It also helps that you have support from folks like Christina Hendricks, Kumail Nanjiani, JoAnne Garcia Swisher, Jillian Bell and Tracy Morgan. If you are looking for a great way to escape from the craziness of the real world, this is a must see!

Recently we had the pleasure of sitting down with both Ice Cube and Charlie Day. As a huge fan of both, it was fun seeing Mr. Day in a role that is far different from his work on It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia. He discussed taking on the role, and playing the straight man for once with all the craziness coming from his fellow actors. And speaking of his fellow actors, I always love talking to Ice Cube. This guy can do it all ,and I love his work here. He opened up about what kind of teacher he would be and whether or not he was intimidated by Mr. Day... You see, nobody can intimidate this guy.

The second I sat down with both Tracy Morgan and Jillian Bell, Mr. Morgan started talking. I love these two. The comedic actor brought up all the funny women that came before, and then he raved about the talented Ms. Bell. In the film, she portrays a teacher with more than a few bad habits. However, she is nothing like the wild characters she plays. In fact, she is absolutely lovely and about as sweet as they come. I asked her about taking on roles that appear to be quite difffernt from her. Not every actor could pull off some of the dialogue she can and make it legitimately funny. And yes, both Morgan and Bell are great in the film.

Finally, we sat down with Christina Hendricks and Kumail Nanjiani, as well as JoAnna Garcia Swisher - who portrays Charlie Day's loving wife. First off, Christina and Kumail talked about playing a couple of wild characters, and I'll be honest, I'm always taken aback by the lovely Ms. Hendricks. As stunningly beautiful as she is, she also happens to be incredibly sweet. it is always great to see her work in comedy. And then there is JoAnne Garcia Swisher. Speaking of lovely, the actress is about as cool as you can get. And yes, we talked about her old sitcom Reba. She was surprisingly thrilled to talk about that. And she also clealy enjoyed playing off of Charlie.

FIST FIGHT is a great time at the movies. If you are looking for a truly funny comedy, put your dukes up and get ready to throw down with this hilarious flick.


Source: JoBlo.com



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