We Interview Jason Statham and Jessica Alba who talk Mechanic: Resurrection!

There are very few action stars that I find even close to as entertaining as Jason Statham - the dude is one of my personal favorites. While he recently gave us a taste of how great he was at comedy thanks to SPY, he is back shaking things up for very bad guys. The actor returns to the role of Arthur Bishop in the action sequel MECHANIC: RESURRECTION. However, this time he has a lady friend to keep him inspired thanks to the lovely Jessica Alba.

We recently sat down with both Statham and Alba to talk action, stunts and more. I'll be honest, there are very few guys that I look forward to sitting down with as much as I do Jason. Not only is the man absolutely hilarious, he is also one of friendliest actors in the business. And you can tell that he is having a great time returning to the character of Bishop. As for his co-star, Alba was very charming and ready to talk about returning to serious action - after all, she started in the cult series from James Carmeron Dark Angel.

Huge thanks to Ms. Alba and Mr. Statham for chatting with us. And if you love seeing this guy take down baddies, you may very well have some fun with MECHANIC: RESURRECTION opening  this week at a theatre near you.


Source: JoBlo.com



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