We interview Knight of Cups stars Christian Bale, Teresa Palmer, & more!

If you are a fan of Terrence Malick, you will at the very least be curious about his latest, KNIGHT OF CUPS. And while some may not be too keen on his stylistic approach, this particular film was hard for me to resist. Not only do I appreciate Malick's work, the cast is simply incredible. With Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Brian Dennehy, Antonia Banderas, Freida Pinto, Teresa Palmer, Wes Bentley, Clifton Collins Jr. and so many other familiar faces, there are a number of terrific performances, and yep, it's a beauty to look at.

Recently, we sat down with some of the cast including Christian Bale. The actor talked about working with Malick and how much he connected to the character he was portraying. It is always a pleasure to chat with Bale, and it was fascinating to see him working with a filmmaker like this.

While Bale may not be much like the man he portrays on-screen, it was different for his co-stars Teresa Palmer and Freida Pinto. The two discessed the unusual filming involved and the lack of a script. Whether it was the lovely Ms. Pinto dancing around for a couple of hours, or Palmer playing a more exaggerated version of herself, the two are absolutely luminous as two of Bale's lovers.

And finally, we sat down with Wes Bentley. The actor is absolutely terrific portraing Bale's troubled brother. Bale talked about the right way to yell on-camera, and about how his career has grown since AMERICAN BEAUTY. This includes his great work on American Horror Story. Malick's KNIGHT OF CUPS is opening this Friday, and for fans, it's worth seeking out.

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