We need to talk about this We Need to Talk About Kevin trailer

Yes, that title just gave my brain an aneurysm, but we should really discuss this new trailer for WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, which is getting critical praised heaped on it left and right.

It tells the story of Tilda Swinton’s relationship with her troubled son who is difficult his whole life and grows up to be especially malevolent. It’s being praised as the best role of her career, and considering she’s already won an Oscar (for MICHALE CLAYTON), that’s saying something.

This new trailer starts out like it might be a hilarious comedy about raising a child (complete with loveable goofball dad John C. Reilly), but then it turns much, much darker and we get to see what kind of film this really is. This is going to end up opening wide, right?

Extra Tidbit: Anyone out there with a secret crush on Tilda Swinton? No? Me neither, I was just joking...
Source: JoBlo.com



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