We Talk American Assassin with Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keation and More!

Dylan O’Brien and Michael Keaton star in AMERICAN ASSASSIN, an action packed thriller about an American counterterrorism agent. Directed by Michael Cuesta (KILL THE MESSENGER), the film follows agent Mitch Rapp (O’Brien) as he trains to take out some of the most dangerous known terrorists in order to seek revenge on those that attacked he and the woman he loves - as well as a whole lot of others. The film also stars Sanaa Lathan, Taylor Kitsch and Shiva Negar. From the intense opening, to the exciting finale, AMERICAN ASSASSIN features another terrific performance from Mr. Keaton, in a very different kind of role.

Recently, we sat down with some of the stars of the film, including Keaton, O’Brien, Kitsch, Negar and Lathan. During our conversation, the lovely and talented Lathan discussed playing a very tough and driven female character, one that must take charge of a dangerous situation. The actress was absolutely terrific to talk to as she opened up about playing such an intergral role. Negar also chimed in on taking on this character and working on this particularly brutal story. The fellas aren't the only bad asses here.

Next up we had Taylor Kitsch. The actor has certainly had his highs and lows, but over the past few years he has been taking on some intriguing challenges and frankly, he's kicking serious ass. With AMERICAN ASSASSIN, he gets to play a bad guy with a chip on his shoulder. It’s a terrific performance, and the actor seems to be enjoying shaking things up a bit with his career.

And finally, we sat down with the incredible Michael Keaton and Dylan O’Brien. Keaton discussed taking on a different kind of movie, and playing an intensely tough character unlike anything he has played before. As for O’Brien, the actor opened up about the emotionally charged role and working with someone as impressive as his costar. AMERICAN ASSASSIN opens this Thursday evening at a theatre near you.

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