We talk Fast Cars, Furious Action & F8 with director F. Gary Gray!

It’s amazing to see THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS grow into this juggernaut of a franchise. A small street racing flick is now one of the most popular series of feature films to date, and they keep getting even more crazy. With the latest,F8 or THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, they once again take this to the extreme with one of the wildest final sequences yet. A freaking submarine!?! Yet it works. Coming into this franchise for the first time is director F. Gary Gray (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON) and let’s just say he did a fine job of continuing where James Wan left off.

Recently we sat down with Mr. Gray and he talked about what it was like jumping into the project. And what a massive project it is. I was curious as to whether or not their was a sort of blueprint for new directors and I was a little surprised by his answer. Afterwards, we discussed one of the most entertaining sequences in the film, one involving Jason Statham. Trust me when I say it’s almost worth the price of admission for this scene alone. F8 is a wonderfully wild ride, and it continues to push the franchise into a stratosphere of its own. Rev up your engines, F8: THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS is speeding into theatres this coming April 14th.

Source: JoBlo.com



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