We Talk Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander, Walton Goggins & Daniel Wu!

Out of all the reboots, I have to say I was very curious about the latest TOMB RAIDER. While I wasn’t a fan of the Angelina Jolie flicks, the idea of Alicia Vikander taking over the role grabbed my attention. Thankfully, the latest adaptation is a blast of Indiana Jones style adventure and Alicia is perfect as Lara Croft. You also have Dominic West, Daniel Wu, Derek Jacobi, Kristin Scott Thomas and the incredible Walton Goggins. This is one incredible cast that director Roar Uthaug (THE WAVE) has assembled, and thankfully he did a terrific job of giving this generation a Lara Croft worth celebrating.

Recently, at the junket for the film, we spoke to some of the impressive talent involved in TOMB RAIDER. The lovely and talented Alicia Vikander is always a pleasure to talk to. She discussed taking on the iconic role and whether or not she was intimidated by bringing Lara to life. The actress also opened up about the physical preparation when taking on Croft. When it came to her co-stars, Goggins and Wu, the two actors discussed working with Alicia and the surprisingly human side of Goggins villainous Mathias Vogel. This is one incredible cast, and frankly, Roar has done a terrific job of bringing TOMB RAIDER back to the big screen in a satisfying way. Take aim with Lara Croft this weekend when TOMB RAIDER hits a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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