We travel to England for the Kingsman Experience & Blu-Ray cocktail party

Hello, my name is Agent Manhattan, and welcome to the Kingsman Experience.

When word came down the wire that I’d be traveling to London, England for a chance to live like an agent of Kingsman, I hurriedly wrapped a super secret project I’d been working on and packed my bags. In preparation for the Blu-Ray release of KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, a group of journalists, myself included, were flown into Heathrow Airport - the same space where in 1964 The Beatles first arrived after a successful American tour - and a private car was waiting to take us to The Ned, a five-star hotel in the city of London.

While staying at The Ned, I had access to eight restaurants that were tucked into various corners of the hotel’s many floors. My favorite of the lot was a posh rooftop bar that was a feature of the hotel’s elite Ned’s Club. This dining space came complete with a heated pool overlooking the London skyline and two converted domes with outdoor terraces for eating and drinking - the Princess Dome and Poultry Dome. As I sat atop the roof, imbibing a smart Old Fashioned, I prepared myself for the many events that lay ahead the next day.

My morning began with a trip to the basement of The Ned where the Cowshed Parlour is located. After sipping a spot of peppermint tea, I was escorted through thick bank vault door and into private room where I’d received a Men’s Signature Facial while listening to the soothing sounds of "Port D'Andratx, Part 1 'Sun'" by The Swan and the Lake. With my skin feeling like the finest silk and smelling like eucalyptus and honey, I made my way to the main lobby where I joined my fellow journalists to continue our proper Kingsman journey.

After a brief and chat-filled car ride, we arrived at Berry Bros. and Rudd Ltd., a famous wine and spirits merchant founded in 1698. Parked at the curb outside of the legendary venue was the Kingsman Hero Taxi, a rich black cab packed full of gadgets featured in the opening from KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. After shooting a brief video intro and exploring the many amenities of the cab’s interior, I made my way inside Berry Bros. and Rudd Ltd. where several hands-on activities related to the film were waiting to be experienced.

The first stop on my tour was a special behind-the-scenes props showcase hosted by Visual Effects Supervisor, Angus Bickerton and Art Director, Grant Armstrong. As we toured the room, both men provided insight on the creative direction for the props and how they were brought to life using today’s technology. On display were items such as: Charlie’s robot arm (both versions), vials of cure and poison, Robot Dogs head (Benny and Jet), Jack’s lasso, Kingsman briefcase shield, one of several umbrellas, Statesman belt buckle flask, Alfa Gell, Channing Tatum’s Stetson hat, Grenade Baseballs, Minesweeper Baseball Bat, Whiskey’s Fighter Jet USA Helmet, Poppy’s Bowling Balls, and of course, a Condom tracer kit. And no, it was not ribbed for her pleasure.

Next, I rejoined a group of my fellow journalists and we made our way upstairs to a private whisky tasting where Old Forrester Global Brand Ambassador, Nate Booker was waiting. While there, Nate explained the film’s whisky partnership and instructed us in how to properly sample the infamous Statesman Whisky. Complete with notes of amaretto, pepper, cinnamon, oak and honey, Statesman Whisky goes down smooth, and left my mouth watering for just another nip … or three. If you’re a whisky drinker like me, I highly recommend that you seek out a bottle of Statesman Whisky to try for yourself. It’s a delicious liquor that stays on your palette and can be paired with several fine chocolates for an smart and satisfying treat.

After loosening up with glass or two of the Statesman Whisky, I made my way to the basement of Berry Bros. and Rudd Ltd., where Armourer Nick Jefferies was eagerly waiting to show me over 50 pieces of weaponry featured in KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. While there, Nick allowed for me to hold a series of weapons as he explained their origin, character significance, and functionality. I was surprised to discover just how heavy many of the weapons were, and walked away from the demonstration with a better appreciation and understanding for how weapons in film are managed and presented.

Following the weapons demonstration, I exited Berry Bros. and Rudd Ltd. and made my way next door to the Kingsman Store Experience, where Mr. Porter’s exclusive Kingsman line of apparel was displayed as part of a pop-up installation. As I toured the perimeter of the shop, I was able to see and touch several iconic props from the film such as: Valentine’s top hat, Agent Galahad’s umbrella, a pair of Oxford shoes complete with retractable blades, the exclusive Kingsman digital watch, as well as several suits that had been featured in both of the Kingsman films.

After completing the day’s activities, it was time for me to walk the busy London streets. My exploration of the area consisted mostly of window shopping at places that hosted items which were priced far beyond my pay-grade, though I did manage to find two unique Christmas ornaments for my wife in addition to getting some much needed exercise. Soon it would be time to make my way to Boulestin, an establishment that traditionally serves French and European cuisine that had been converted into a ‘50s-style diner for the purpose of the evening’s Blu-Ray Release Party event.

Upon receiving a special box set edition of KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE (complete with a placeholder for the release of KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE), I made my way to the back of Mr. Porter, once again, where director Matthew Vaughn was waiting to sign my item and indulge in a brief chin-wag. After leaving Vaughn to the throngs of fans who’d been lucky enough to attend the unique party, I made my way to Boulestin’s main dining room, where I indulged in a series of whisky drinks as well as a bit of conversation with my fellow journalists. Before long, it was time to head back to the hotel for a nightcap, and thus, my Kingsman Experience was at an end.

You can check out some more cool photos from our Kingsman Experience below:

The main lobby of Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd.

Outside of Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd.

Buckle up, it's bound to be a bumpy ride in the Kingsman Hero Taxi

Interior view of the Kingsman Hero Taxi

Entrace to the Kingsman prop display room

Poppy's brand bowling ball and signature pins 

Prop of Charlie's mechanical arm

Agent Whiskey's lasso

Agent Tequila's belt buckle flask

Mechanical dog head prop (Benny)

Myself and Supervising Armourer & Director, Nick Jeffries

Kingsman handgun collection and ammo

Statesman six-shooters, holster, combat knives

Statesman heavy artillery collection

Arm yourself to the teeth with whichever weapon you fancy

The storefront window display of Mr. Porter

Eggsy's tip-top gear

The tailor told me that the orange really worked with my peacock feather-colored hair

Rest in peace, Mr. Pickles

Outside Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd. at night

Inside Boulestin and waiting for the festivities to begin

Replica model of the Kingsman tailor shop

Partying with Alex Nino Gheciu of Sharp Magazine and Hannah Saulic of Cinemablend

Cheers, England, and thanks for all the fish

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE is already available via Digital services, and will arrive on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 12th. Always remember that manners maketh man and Oxfords, not brogues. That’s the mantra of a true agent of Kingsman.

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